Freezing Milk


I like a full freezer and a good bargain. Usually in my chest freezer you can find beef from a 1/4 or 1/2 of a cow, frozen sweet corn and other veggies, prepared meals ready for a hectic day, chicken, sausage, and more recently… about 4-6 gallons of milk. Milk? In the freezer?

Absolutely. I search for the “Manager’s Special” price every time I go grocery shopping (if my freezer’s not already full of milk) and when I see that happy little $1.99 sticker I snatch ’em up. I haven’t had to pay full price for a gallon of milk since about March. And more importantly, I haven’t panicked when staring at the bottom of an “already” empty milk jug. There’s always more in the freezer.

The color returns to normal when it thaws.

The color returns to normal when it thaws.

  • No, the jug doesn’t bust when it expands as it freezes.
  • Yes, it tastes like fresh milk.
  • ONCE (in my dozens of gallons) I had about 1/2 gallon left when it soured slightly. I then used that milk for pancakes, waffles, and other baking. No waste.

The official word from Dairyland:

Freezing Milk
Although we do not recommend freezing milk products, for some it is a necessity. Milk may be frozen for as long as 3 months provided the sealed container is frozen prior to the best before date. Skim and 2% milk freeze better than Homo milk (whole milk). Thaw frozen milk in the refrigerator. The milk will still have the same nutrients, but it may separate. If it does, shake well or beat with an electric mixer or rotary beater.

Ok, so they don’t recommend it, but it DOES work. Freezing milk saves me lots of time and money.

For more frugal tips visit Crystal’s blog.


8 Responses

  1. I wish we had reduced milk here. Our milk is regulated so the price is the same everywhre (in Canada) no matter what. I envy your sales you guys have and the coupons. If I did get milk on sale I would definately freeze them as you have. Good for you.

  2. I just bought a freezer and would be interested to hear what other things can be frozen that I might not think of. Any suggestions??

  3. Great tip. I have been doing this with bananas, but it did not think of doing this with milk. Do you think it would work with buttermilk as well?

  4. I once dumped milk down the drain because I didn’t know you could freeze it. (ARG!) I was so wasteful back then…

  5. Good tip! I just started freezing milk, too. I was using powdered, but now I stock up when I see a good sale and freeze it!

    Sunnie–you can freeze bread. Not sure if you know this! (I didn’t.) I just freeze in the bag it comes in. It does need to thaw in the fridge for a day or so, but it does well!

  6. i freeze milk all of the time and i love it! a big thank you to the friend that told me how to do it, and to you for sharing with others.

    we don’t drink milk, so its hard to use the whole gallon when i just cook with it. i bought the small chugger size (2 cups) on manager special for $0.69. i loaded up my cart and then washed out the container when i was done. now when i run out i go buy a gallon, use what i need, then freeze the rest in individual 2 cup servings. 🙂

  7. Melissa-
    I freeze buttermilk in 1 cup portions (I use a plastic container), then put them in gallon ziplocs. It does separate and look weird and curdled, but still works just fine in recipes such as pancakes!

  8. What wonderful ideas! I had never thought of freezing milk, but I will now.:)

    Thanks everyone for sharing,

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