Our Menu this Week, 7/28


My meal goals this week:

  • at least two meatless lunches or suppers
  • quick and easy — I’ve got some clutter to conquer and apple pie filling to make!
  • use up fresh, free produce
  • climb back on the bean wagon, I’ve been trying to feature more beans in our meals
  • I’m not going to plan for Sunday.  If I plan too far in advance it seems to all get thrown out the window anyway.

Monday, 7/28

  • Granny Smith Coffee Cake (leftovers from yesterday)
  • Sandwiches, fresh fruit and veggies
  • Catalina Taco Salad, apple crisp and homemade ice cream

Catalina Taco Salad  This is a great meatless, “measureless,” hot-day main dish salad.

  • one head of lettuce, chopped (I use Romaine or a green leaf mix)
  • chopped green onions
  • shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1 or 2 cans ranch style beans
  • one bottle Catalina salad dressing (I use less)
  • chopped tomatoes
  • corn chips

Rinse and drain the beans.  Mix the chopped lettuce, green onions and cheese in a large bowl.  Right before serving add the tomatoes, beans, and dressing.  Mix together.  Serve over corn chips.

Tuesday, 7/29

  • waffles and sausage
  • black bean nachos, fruit
  • zucchini and kielbasa (based on this TOH recipe) with cornbread muffins.  For the zucchini and kielbasa I like to use both yellow squash and zucchini.  I use frozen corn and fresh diced tomatoes — rotel would also be good, I think.  This is a GREAT skillet meal.

Wednesday, 7/30

  • oatmeal with raisins
  • chicken/black bean quesadillas with lettuce, tomato, salsa and sour cream, fruit
  • sloppy joes (make a double batch), cheesy zucchini fries, deviled eggs

Thursday, 7/31

  • omlettes or scrambled eggs, apple muffins
  • homemade pizza, veggies, fruit
  • leftovers (I’m out of town for a Creative Memories show)

Friday, 8/1  It’s August already!?!

  • French Toast (didn’t get to this last week)
  • sandwiches, smoothies
  • grilled steak, grilled veggies

Saturday, 8/2

  • biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs
  • hamburgers, cucumber salad, fruit
  • leftovers, strawberry/banana slush

For great menu ideas, head over to OrgJunkie.


2 Responses

  1. How do you make the Cheesy Zucchini Fries? They sound yummy!

  2. The Taco Salad sounds like a great idea!!!

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