Cantaloupe Creation and Our Menu

My neighbors… and family… and friends of the family are awesome! They’ve blessed us with well over $100 of fresh garden produce this summer, and I haven’t even picked from one neighbor’s peach or apple trees yet!

While slicing and dicing our third cantaloupe of the week yesterday (Mr. R’s patch is really taking off right now), I wondered just how many days in a row my family would be happy to eat this overabundant fruit. You know… too much of a good thing… but we’re certainly not letting it go to waste!

I found an old Quick Cooking recipe for Cantaloupe Cooler that I remember being good (and I know my family will drink anything fruity and slushy), but we didn’t have the green grapes it called for. And I didn’t want to add the sugar it called for. Well… we do have strawberries! And we have some orange juice. Fruity is fruity, right?

I gathered my goods, and my right-hand man, and we set out to use up some of that cantaloupe. We even took pictures, just in case it turned out blog worthy. 😉

Without measuring, we added frozen strawberries, cantaloupe, and some orange juice to the blender.

The little guy stands at attention, ready to push some buttons because that’s “his job.”

Blend, and “ta da!” (little guy’s words) A pretty, refreshing, fruity way to use up overabundant cantaloupe!

I’m certain I’ll be making this again soon. Maybe I’ll add some frozen bananas next time… I have plenty of those!

One other triumph to mention. At Suz’s suggestion, I made Lazy Granola last night. Aside from adding a few too many sliced almonds (they weren’t in the recipe, I just had some I wanted to use… maybe I should have toasted them first?) it turned out awesome! Homemade granola is something I’ve always wanted to make. Thanks, Suz! And thanks to Crystal for sharing her recipe!

On to our menu…

Sunday, 8/17

  • deluxe scrambled eggs, toast, oj
  • leftover enchiladas, corn, lettuce/tomato/sour cream, cantaloupe
  • rib-eye steaks, squash, zucchini — all on the grill

Weekday Suppers

  • 8/18 fajitas, with my neighbor’s peppers and my garden onions, cantaloupe creation
  • 8/19 layered tacos
  • 8/20 leftovers and smoothies
  • 8/21 chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, green beans
  • 8/22 cheeseburger pie

Saturday, 8/23

  • waffles and sausage, scrambled eggs
  • homemade pizza, smoothies
  • leftovers or sandwiches, clean out the fridge

Have a great week, everyone! Check out more menus at OrgJunkie!


2 Responses

  1. That smoothie looks great. I have made cantaloupe smoothies before too, most of the kids love them.

  2. That smoothie looks yummy and considering that I was given TWO huge cantaloupe for the 4 of us that eat it…I just might have to give it a try!! Hummm…Maybe my kids that don’t like cantaloupe will eat if it is hidden!

    Your week looks yummy! Enjoy your week!

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