Face Time with Memory

When our first-born was a baby, Lance and I would sometimes talk about how much fun it will be someday when she was ready to play board games. We’d reminisce about the games of our own childhoods: Trouble, Monopoly, Life, The Farm Game, etc.

“Someday” has definitely arrived! We do have a challenge on our hands, though, because the skill levels of our 5 year old, just now 3, and 1 year old are vastly different. One game that we love that we can all enjoy at the same time is Memory.

The game is labeled for ages 3 to 6, but we think it’s fun for all ages… with a few adaptations.

  • To accommodate young attention spans, we don’t play with all 36 pairs (good thing, since I doubt all 72 cards are ever in the box at the same time!)
  • Our kids (the older two) each look for 5-10 pairs to play with, then we arrange those face down.
  • The one year old can be temporarily entertained by the remaining cards.
  • We arrange the cards in rows in a rectangle, rather than scattered randomly. That seems to help us (and I do mean us) keep track of matches better.

  • When we’re playing with just the 5 year old, we add more cards.
  • Our three year old enjoys his own “solitaire” version: he scatters the cards face up and finds the pairs… an important preschool skill. “Look, mom! It matches!” (I don’t homeschool, but if I did I’d keep this game handy for him while I worked with my school girl! Except… maybe I wouldn’t have him use his sister’s Disney Princess version) 😉

Memory has proven to be a versatile, fun game for our whole family. Check out Happy to be at Home for more Face Time ideas!

6 Responses

  1. Hi Amy!

    Loved your post… my three are 10, 7 and 3 now and we love to play dominoes in the evenings after dinner… It’s great fun seeing the whole family play together, as I’m sure you’re well aware…

    Have a great day!


  2. Our son received this game for his third birthday. We thought he was a little too young for it, but…we were so wrong.:)

    He could actually play better than Dh and I! We were simply amazed at how much he enjoyed Memory and how good it was for his self esteem.:)


  3. I love how you have adapted this to work with all of your kids. We love memory in this house, but hadn’t figured out how to entertain our one year old while our three year old plays. Thanks for the good ideas!

  4. that is so true, the age differences are a challenge. Snap is good too. Excellent ideas re memory game thanks.

  5. Amy, I love your ideas! We have had our share of battles with Memory the past few years. Everyone wants to play together, but we end up usually finding ways to parallel play just like you do, which keeps everyone happy. I wish I had realized that sooner.

    Now, if I could just get Gracie to stop eating the cards, everything would be just fine! 🙂

  6. Oh,
    Enjoy those days! Mine are past that now

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