Football Frenzy

This is a long shot, but you just never know…

Any football fans out there?  Coaches?  Coaches wives?  Masters of motivation?  We need some help!

In lieu of asking all of you to solve my housekeeping woes… cleaning the grout in my kitchen floor tile, keeping mildew out of the caulking on my shower doors, etc. etc. (um, well, if I can cheat and ask more than one thing and you know how to solve my housekeeping woes I would so appreciate your help!) I am relinquishing this BACKWARDS edition of Works-For-Me Wednesday.

I hereby hand over the blogging reins to my football coachin’, tiny-town teachin’, over workin’, slightly stressin’ hubby.

Not really.  Not the reins.  (Back off; this is my domain.)  I’ll just ask for him.

Here’s the thing.  He’s been a football coach for 13 years.  The last 3 of those years he’s been the head football coach of our high school team, and we’re goin’ for some serious gridiron glory this season!  It’s time to replenish his stash of coaching tools.

He’s looking for motivational, inspiring stories.  Team-building activities.  Something to get his guys’ heads in the game.  Help them put their game face on.  Focus on the task at hand.  Activities, resources, links, whatever you’ve got that you’re willing to share.

Are you ready for some football?!?  Anyone?  Anyone?


5 Responses

  1. Wow….football? No WONDER you had such good advice for me! Sounds like your house is a testosterone PLAYGROUND!

    Sorry I couldn’t be more help. 😉 Thanks for the advice, though! I’ll be sure to…keep things pointed in the right direction when Baby Boy arrives. 🙂

  2. Amy, I wish I had some words of wisdom. I’ll call my sister tonight and she if she has some for me to pass on. When she was in college, she dated Lou Holtz’s son while he was still the head coach at Notre Dame. I know she used to have lots of football stories. If she has remembers anything inspiring, I’ll pass it on.

    By the way, I thought of you at the grocery store today. There was a a big package of ground beef in the “Managers Clearance” section but it didn’t have a sticker on it. It was dated August 4th, the same as all the others that were marked down. So, I asked the man that was stocking another area in the meat dept. He looked at it and said, “yep, this should have been marked down. Would you like me to mark it down for you?” Of course I said yes. He brought it back to me and said he took a little extra off for the inconvenience. I paid $3.81 for 4.5 lbs. of ground beef! I never would have asked ordinarily, but remembering your post on the yogurt gave me the courage to do it. 🙂

  3. Well, hmmmm, the last football game I saw was in the movie Facing the Giants…. not big football fans around here. Anyone for soccer???

  4. My dad was a college football coach in division one for 30 years, including 16 years as a head coach, so I think I might have a few things to tell you! 😉

    He always had a special phrase for each year and based it on whatever challenges they were facing that year- for example:
    – with a young team, where the guys lacked self confidence, it was “Trust Yourself”
    – with a difficult season ahead of him, it was “one play at a time, one quarter at a time, and one game at a time.”
    – he talked a lot one year about, “it’s not what happens to you, but how you respond to it”
    None of these are new ideas or his ideas, but it’s how you fit them into your football program and the challenges you are facing.

    A lot of amazing coaches inspired him and we’d always look for books written by them or about them. He’d read them and highlight tons of stuff and use it to come up with ideas for his team.

    He also read a lot of war books or books about generals, presidents, etc. A favorite was General Patton. We lived in France for four years and we were able to take him to Normandy for a visit to see Omaha beach. My Dad’s theme for that year was all about not quitting, etc. I can’t find his exact notes on what he did that year, but he used the WW II landings at Normandy to motivate.

    I hope this stuff helps a little! Tell your husband I said good luck with his season- and good luck to you too! I’m married to someone who works in government… I never had interest in dating a football player, for fear I would end up marrying a football coach! 😉

  5. I know very little about foot ball. But will be learning alot and soon! My Hubby to be is A Viking Fan. I need good recipes to go along with the foot ball lessons.


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