Menu Plan Monday, 9/8

Here’s what we’ll be eating this week. 

Sunday, 9/7

  • fried eggs, cinnamon rolls, oj
  • zucchini parmesean, Italian cheese bread, fried okra
  • smoothies (for the kids) homemade vanilla ice cream topped with butterscotch (hot fudge for hubby) and pecans for mom and dad  😉 

Weekday Suppers

  • roast, potatoes and gravy, carrots
  • roast beef burritos with lettuce and cheese
  • tuna casserole, peas, apple crisp
  • Mexican chicken skillet, sauteed squash and onions
  • Game Night!  leftovers or sandwiches, snacks for game

Saturday, 9/13

  • Football Team Breakfast:  blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs with cheese, sausage links
  • clean out the fridge
  • black bean nachos, smoothies

In other cooking ventures… if we still have leftover roast after the burritos (one of my favorites!) I’ll make roast beef quiche for the freezer.  Also, I still have a drawer full of pears that need attention.  I’m leaning toward pecan pear muffins for the freezer because they are so yummy, but they’re not terribly healthy.  Maybe I’ll experiment with some healthy substitutions (applesauce, honey, whole wheat flour?)  And my neighbor’s apple tree will probably be ready this week.  I think I’ll make applesauce for the first time ever!  (I don’t have canning jars, so I’m going to freeze mine.)

** Update:  We picked apples late this afternoon and I’ve already made my first batch of applesauce!  SO EASY that I’m embarrassed I never tried it before.  Thanks, Laura, for the inspiration!

Head on over to Organizing Junkie for more menu inspiration!


3 Responses

  1. Everything looks very yummy! I made pear crisp and it was really good, but maybe not so healthy. I have also made blueberry and pear crisp and it was good too. Great job on the applesauce. I had made some a few weeks ago and it was only the second time I had ever made it. That is great that you can pick your neighbor’s apples!

  2. The mexican chicken skillet is something I’ve been meaning to try for a long time…sounds great!

  3. You could make pearsauce with all your pears. I’ve never made applesauce before either. But I made pear baby food for my son and realized how easy it was. And how good it tasted. My bigger kids actually liked the pearsauce better than store-bought applesauce. Now that I know how easy it is, I can’t wait to get apples to make some applesauce, too.

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