Too Many Tiny Tomatoes?

I’m interrupting my Fill Your Freezer series (you can see the first two posts here and here) to ask a very important question.  What on earth am I going to do with dozens of these?

And hundreds more of these?  (They’ll be ripe soon!)

My generous neighbor has given me free reign over his prolific garden, which is awesome for me… but he has so many cherry tomatoes.  (I’m just guessing on the cherry tomato thing.  They are small, and they’re not grape tomatoes.)  This same neighbor also “secretly” planted two tomato plants in my garden to replace my dying ones… and they are really taking off!

I have done and have plans to do/make the following things:

  • top tacos, quesadillas, other Mexican food

The problem is that my idea list is much shorter than my tomato supply.  What else should I do?  I do NOT want to take the time to peel them and make sauces (I sure would if they were big!)  Can I freeze them?  I would really like to freeze them… I remember freezing salsa before, but I think I peeled the tomatoes first…  I can’t stand to see them go to waste.  I was already stepping lightly around grounded, squished tomatoes while picking some this evening.

Any help is much appreciated.  I sure wish I could share my tomatoes with all of you!

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  2. I froze my extras. Put them in boiling water for 30 seconds to a minute. I stick a knife into the tomato just to break the skin and have a starting point. The skin will just peel off easily. I then just cut bigger tomatoes in half but for these smaller ones just put in ziploc bags whole. I lay them flat ( squishing tomatoes if necessary) and freeze. You can then add to tomato sauce or soups or other recipes that call for tomatoes later.

  3. I have the same problem. I did dry some w/olive oil. But there is more to come.

  4. I had a ton of cherry tomatoes given to me and there was no way we could just eat them all! Yesterday, I chopped them all in half, blended them in my blender, then cooked them down for sauce for lunch. I didn’t mess with peeling them or anything, and they were just fine. The sauce was so sweet my husband asked twice if I’d added sugar. (Because I guess he didn’t believe me when I said no the first time!)

  5. I am overwhelmed with Roma tomatoes, I’ve started making “sun dried tomatoes ” in my oven, if you google it you will come up with the instructions.

  6. We had a bad year for regular tomatoes but a great year for cherry tomatoes. I had the same problem. Here is one recipe I came up with to help use them up. It worked great.

  7. My mom suggests a hot water bath/canning. Whenever we have an abundance of tomatoew, we blend them up for sauce or whatever and can spaghetti sauce and salsa.

  8. I freeze my tomatoes and turn some of them into sauce. I don’t bother peeling first – just wash, core (if needed on the little ones?), and pop them in a ziplock bag in the freezer.

    When you’re ready to do sauce (or use them in a recipe!), just run them under cold water and the skin slips right off. To use in a recipe, I try to defrost them first, either on the counter or in the microwave and make sure you save the flavorful juice.

    To make sauce, I put them frozen and skinned in the crockpot with the lid off and either on high or low (depending on how much I’ll be around to peek at it) until it is at the consistency I want. I then run it through the food processor (or blender) to make it smooth, and freeze in one cup portions.

  9. Well, my kids can polish off 30-40 per meal if you just wanted to eat them. My neighbor gave me a big bag today and I was going to try my hand at drying them to use this winter. I have to look around on the internet and see how though. Sun dried tomatoes are so expensive, if I can do my own I will be so happy!

  10. You can dehydrate them and use them as sun dried tomatoes throughout the fall, winter, next spring and even longer if dehyrdrated properly. Also, there is no need to skin them to make sauce. Wash and place in a blender to puree, simmer them to cook them down and can or freeze to save for later use.

  11. I just froze mine as well. You can just cut the tomatoes into halves, thirds, or quarters & then freeze them!! It works wonderfully!

    Here’s what I did:

  12. Lisa at “Domestic Accident” is having a similar overabundance of tomatoes. Among other things, she made a LOT of salsa to freeze.

    As far as freezing, I would follow the same method (flash freezing) as I outline in my post

    “5 minute onions in a flash (freeze)”

    It’s been in my top 10 posts for months – today it’s number 2!

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