Don’t Miss the Moment

“I really don’t want to go out there, but I don’t want to miss the moment.”

So out he went, after a 12-hour day of teaching and coaching training, inspiring, and encouraging a spirited group of teenagers.

Out to join a previously solitaire game of football (we have an extremely talented 3 year old… he can play the quarterback and receiver and linebacker all at the same time).  A game played strategically?  coincidentally? just outside the window where daddy was taking a break after his busy day.

Out he went.

For that, I am a grateful wife and mommy.  My kids’ daddy knows what’s important.

I am also grateful that our 5 year old girly-girl, who often encourages her brother to dress in a tutu and practice ballet moves (I’ll spare you the picture), is tough enough to join right in.

And I’m so grateful that my camera batteries were charged and my memory card wasn’t too full of blog pictures *cough* to capture the fun.

They grow up too fast.  Don’t miss the moment.

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5 Responses

  1. What a great post! LOVE the pictures. What a great family…I’m so glad to have this chance to get to know you!

  2. What sweet pics! They look like they had a ball! 😀

  3. Great pictures! You really captured the moment perfectly.

    Your husband sounds like the best kind of dad. 🙂

  4. What a good Daddy! I love the evenings when Daddy is around to just play with the kiddos–it gives me such inspiration! L’s ability to play football solo reminds me of stories I hear about my husband who used to play baseball by himself. He would hit the ball, catch it, etc.–played every position on the team! Imagination will get him far!

  5. GREAT photos! Thanks for the visit and the comment on my Wordless Wednesday post. Football is new to us this year. FavoriteSon is learning how to play in all that gear – and I’m learning that I do not want to even TOUCH the gear.

    The “man stank” is un. be. liev. a. ble. ewwwww.

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