One TV, One Channel

We have one TV in our home.  With our highly technical rabbit ears, we receive one semi-clear channel.  That works for us.

  • We have children.  They provide lots of free entertainment.
  • We have children.  We don’t choose to have time for TV.
  • We have children.  We don’t want to be tempted to use the TV as a sitter.
  • We have children.  (Have I mentioned that already?)  I can control what and how much they watch by using videos.
  • We can check out movies at our local library for free if we want a TV fix.
  • Anything we need to watch (weather, breaking news, CSI  😉 ) can be found on our one channel or on the Internet.  We visit friends (and take lots of food!) when we want to see a big game that’s not on “our” channel.
  • We have saved massive amounts of money during our 10 year marriage by not paying for TV.  Even at $30 per month (I know this can vary from $12 to around $100) each month for 10 years… that’s $3,600.  Doesn’t sound like a lot to you?  Put that money in a mutual fund for a few years averaging 12% returns and you might change your tube-watching tune!

Although it would have been nice to veg out in front of the Olympics, or spend Sundays planted in front of endless football games… oh, wait a minute.  I forgot about the children!  Let me try again…

Although it would have been nice to pop in to see the beginning of a few Olympic events, only to miss the photo finish because of a dirty diaper or screaming from the other room or a sibling fight or the desperate cry for a glass of milk… (ahhh, that’s more like it.  That sounds like home!)

We have one TV.  It has one channel.  Works for me!

15 Responses

  1. I was a Nazi about the no TV/video for my 2d 2 boys and I really think that’s why they’re big readers now. Great tip!

  2. sounds good to me! 🙂 we don’t have cable either and let me tell you, we don’t need anymore tv!

  3. Thanks to Hurricane Ike knocking our our cable TV for 2 weeks now, we are down to a handful of channels. I don’t miss it. But my husband does. Ain’t in a hurry to get it back. 🙂

    Confessions of an Apron Queen

  4. Great tip! I think we get 3 channels, but we do the same thing. Sometimes The Man and I will watch DVDs together, but that’s so much better than having the TV on willy-nilly. And we can control what’s on.

  5. I wrote about a similar topic for my wfmw post, since we don’t have cable. Only I wrote about the alternative which is watching TV online in your time frame (like after the kiddos are in bed) however it still doesn’t help with the olympics. I totally agree with your blog, I think that is awesome!

  6. Amen to that sister. We have children, one tv, no cable, but lots and lots of movies to choose from and a library to make up for the rest. It’s good to know we aren’t alone lol.
    Blessings to you

  7. I sure wish dh would agree to not paying for cable. 😦 He wants the Golf channel and the things on it aren’t available on the internet. 😦
    We limit Tv for the kids though. They have to have certain things done and then it is limited to 1 hour.

  8. Good for you! We just got rid of our TV altogether a couple of years ago. The total absence of TV is one of my favorite things about my home.

  9. Well, I hate to brag, but we have TWO channels, which is just enough. One channel gives me the news and a few shows we watch together. The other channel is the educational channel. My kids are definitely not couch potatoes, and know what? I get so much more done. Great minds think alike, I guess. : )

  10. I never even realized just how little I “needed” television until I went to a 2-year Bible school where we were prohibited from having TVs in our rooms…so, I went 2 years without seeing LOST on a regular basis. But, I understand now that I don’t need television, and I definitely don’t need more than a couple of channels.

  11. That’s so awesome Amy. I would love to get rid of our tv, but Eric couldn’t handle it. He doesn’t watch much, but when he gets the chance, he is a news and Nascar junkie. We went for 3 years with just rabbit ears also and I loved it. But, Eric’s treat for himself when he signed a new contract last year was to get cable so that he could watch all of the Nascar races, not just the local station ones. I am glad he is able to have that treat for himself though. But someday I hope we too can be tv free!

  12. we do not miss the television…most of the time. The olympics would be nice to see, as would the state of the union. Other than that movies are good for us. I’m picky about what my girls see so this works well for us.

  13. That is great! We don’t watch much TV either…. we do however have 2 tv’s in our home…(not in our living room though and I like that….) The kids don’t watch during the week (OK, I lied, my 2 1/2 yr old just discovered we have 1 barney VHS tape…. SO that is her 1/2 hour a day!)
    My hubby and I have just a few shows we watch, so I usually work on my eliptical and he takes it easy!
    We don’t do cable either… If we don’t get it in, we don’t watch it!!!!!!

  14. We haven’t had cable in over 12 years. Our rabbit ear antenna has the bonus feature of plugging into an outlet also so we actually pick up about 8 channels! We still try to limit our tv time.

    I appreciated/liked your comment on working outside the home on the rocks in my dryer blog.

  15. love it 🙂
    We have this in common too!
    No tv watching in our house, just the occasional movie… and lately some you-tube-ing of various animals or childrens song and dance stuff. But you-tube hardly serves as a babysitter since I need to be sitting right there to save the computer from a curious 20 month old 🙂

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