Never visit a new mom…

… without taking food!  That’s my rule.  It works for me both as the giver and the recipient.  I do not know a more thoughtful gift for an exhausted mom who is focused on tiny fingers and toes, uncomfortable  afterpains, umbilical cord care, and swollen, leaky breasts (and bottom – ouch)… and especially for moms who are trying to care for other little people in the house in addition to the new baby.  New moms need food!

In my kitchen, I try to keep frozen meals and treats ready to go for mom/baby homecomings.  Babies don’t always enter the world at the most convenient time, but I want to be prepared to bless the family with food when they do!  For the occasions that I don’t have a meal ready, I do keep handy plenty of staples that make a meal come together quickly.  (There is no running to the store here… it’s 15 miles away.) 

Here are some of the things I’ve either taken to families or been the grateful recipient of:

  • sloppy joes
  • breakfast casserole and muffins
  • brown bag burritos (When I hadn’t yet visited my sister-in-law after she was home with her third boy, she called and jokingly demanded “I had a baby!  Where are my burritos?!”)
  • meatballs and cheesy potato casserole
  • chicken and rice casserole
  • hamburger quiche
  • baked spaghetti
  • cavatini
  • meat loaf
  • fresh fruit (My favorite!  After I have a baby, I’m not up to eating a full meal for a few days.  Healthy, handy snacks are a treat!)

For families with older children, it’s nice to take some kid-friendly “fun food.”  Kids love the having their own stash (and they get excited to see something for them and not the baby!), and moms appreciate the ease of appeasing their brood’s hunger.   

  • juice boxes
  • cookies (I make a big batch of dough and freeze dough balls to bake fresh when I need them.)
  • granola bars
  • pigs in a blanket (scroll down for recipe)

When organizing the food in your kitchen, make room for meals to bless new families.  It works for me!  Visit Rocks in My Dryer to delve into other bloggers’ kitchen organization tips!

11 Responses

  1. Great reminder! I remember with my first baby a friend brought a meal that might have been intended for dinner that night. I was famished! She held the baby. I noshed… and we still had a lots left for dinner.
    SInce then I always try to bring meals… lunch and dinner.

  2. These are terrific ideas. I’m planning to take a weekly meal to friends who found out he has brain tumors and I was hoping to find ideas just like these. Blessings, Whitney

  3. That is a great idea! I am on a committee at church that takes food to new moms I always appreciate a good meal!

  4. this is a good reminder to me that I can bring more than just dinner. Or maybe less than dinner, but something. I could take lunch over or muffins for breakfast, etc. It doesn’t have to be dinner (they might be getting a bunch of other dinners), but I do need to bring something.

    I am trying to plan a meal for a couple from church that are bringing home their adopted baby this week. Thanks for the ideas.

  5. I had a mom do this for me …it is a sweet gesture and I really loved having the help!

  6. Whenever a friend of mine has a baby, I always like to bring them a meal, and it’s always much appreciated. My standard is a green salad, or caesar salad, loaf of nice warm french bread and a roast chicken. It’s my trademark!

  7. I was very thankfull for this when I had a baby! Another time that it is a great idea is when you have a kid in the hospital. I can tell you first hand that this is a great help!

  8. I just love this idea. I try to take meals to our neighbors whenever they are needed.

    Personally, I have never received meals after a baby was born. My family lives out of state and the church we used to attend before our current was too far away for us to get very involved or make any friendships. I know how much it could help though. I need to find ways to do this more often for others.

  9. What a blessing! 😀 You are so right that new moms need that extra time. I always felt like the baby was more fussy around dinner time making it hard to fix and eat dinner. WE have several ladies in our church that are pregnant plus one that just had one a few weeks ago that I should take something to. 🙂

  10. Ok, yeah…I’m 7 mo. pregnant and MAJORLY hormonal, but you just kind of choked me up. The idea of someone bringing juice boxes (a mommy-never-buys-these treat in our house) for my two year old…that just sounds fabulous! I’ve been looking around for ideas of things my toddler can munch while I’m nursing and actually get HERSELF. Hmm…

  11. Amen and amen. There is nothing better than food someone else cooked when you have not slept in days.

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