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I am all about trying new recipes, and I’ve found the blogging community to be a haven when it comes to great ones, tried-‘n-true.  My problem has been that when I see a recipe on someone’s site, I don’t always bookmark it right away.  You know, the whole “I’ll get back to that later” fantasy.  Or I do bookmark it, but I never get around to trying it. 

No more.  If you are willing to share your specialties, I want to give ’em a try!

Just yesterday I decided to work on next week’s menu plan starting now (instead of my usual weekend-menu-warrior routine).   In fact, I may get real ambitious and work a couple weeks ahead!  My new plan:  when I’m surfing through blogs and come across a recipe that I want to attempt, I not only bookmark it but I put it in my menu plan, which is in my “post drafts” section of my blog (and also on my refrigerator), and I insert the link.  Now.  If I don’t have the ingredients, I put them on my shopping list.  Now.

Now works really well for me.  Later quite often turns into never at our house.

Because we still have our family favorites, and because I’m still a Frugal Franny who likes to use up the sale stash before purchasing a bunch of new ingredients, I won’t use new recipes every day.

I think this bloggy recipe method is going to work for me!

  • eliminates last minute menu planning (aside from a few no-thinker family favorites) 
  • recipes will be easy to find on my menu plan post
  • my beloved recipe collection will continue to grow
  • my grocery list will be ready no matter which day we go to the store (because it’s never the same week to week… and sometimes it’s every other week)
  • when Laura gets crazy and posts MPM early, I’ll be prepared!

Here are a few bloggy recipes that I’ve currently got worked into next week’s menu. 

Cream Cheese Apple Muffins

Beef Stew

Pizza Pockets

Do you have one that I should add?

Check out Rocks in my Dryer for more WFMW.

9 Responses

  1. Good idea. I actually got this brain storm, myself, recently. Now that I have figured out bookmarking. I made a folder “Yummy Recipes” and save them to this.

  2. LOL, I do like to get wild and crazy every once and awhile 🙂

    Those muffins sound delicious!!

  3. mmmm, those Pizza Pockets look great! I have a recipe on my blog “My Grandma’s casserole”, yes it was my grandma’s, so good and so incredibly simple!
    (Well THAT took me forever to find! Jeesh!)

  4. Good idea! I have a folder in my favorites “Recipes from Blogs” where I have my links for recipes to try. I also just take the time to print out the recipe so I have a hard copy to have in my kitchen. So lately, I have been taking the time to go thru my stack of recipes looking for some new things to try. 🙂

  5. I do almost the same thing! 😀 Defniitely helps!! 😀 Enjoy the beef stew!

  6. Oooh that’s a really good idea. This week I decided I needed to do a “new recipes” week because my untested recipe stockpile is getting out of control.

  7. Hello new WordPress friend! We even have the same layout! 🙂 lol. Because I shop on a weekly basis, I also plan a weeks worth of meals as well. I try to buy everything fresh and in order to keep it from going bad I buy in small quantities. Planning the way you do will only help matters in my kitchen. Thank you for sharing!

    P.S. How were you able to change the fonts in your header? Your site looks great!

  8. I do the same thing…come across a great recipe in a blog and forget where I saw it!

    You might like the meme at Every Thursday is Slow Cooking Thursday! Crock Pots are the saviors of the menu plan!

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Sounds like a great plan! 🙂 I, too, bookmark recipes I find throughout the week, so that they’re ready for the next week’s menu plan.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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