Snuggled up with a Good Book

The days are getting shorter; the evenings cooler.  We recently pulled out my favorite article of kids’ clothing… footie jammies!  So cute, so warm and cozy.  Definitely one of the finer things.   

During the fall and winter months, we are somehow less rushed in the evenings (except on game nights… which, in Tiny Town, can be nearly every night…).  I’m grateful for the early fall sunset wrapped in comfort foods and warm baths and some serious snuggle time!  Snuggle time at our house almost always means BOOK TIME!

A few of our favorites:

  • Baby Angels (current favorite for the 14 month old)
  • Usborne’s Farm Yard Tales (Usborne books are awesome!)
  • Little House on the Prairie series (I loved reading these with my daughter even more than reading them when I was young!)
  • Boxcar Children series (we’re on #6 now)

Snuggle time in footie jammies with a good book.  Does it get any better than that?

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6 Responses

  1. Nope, I don’t think it could possibly get better than cuddling up with feetie-pajamed kiddos and a good book. Definitely a favorite “finer thing” around our house too!

    By the way, I just love that picture!

  2. Mmmm… I love it!

    We add in homemade cookies a fair amount of the time. (Did tonight).

  3. Oh, footie jammies are THE BEST. And coupled together with a good book…it just doesn’t get much better!

  4. I have to agree. . . love cuddling up to a great book, especially with The Box Car Children series and the Little House on the Prairie books- these books used to be my favorite. I haven’t read them in years. Tonight the kids and I read two very colorful books
    by Lance Waite…. “A Day With My Dad,” and “A Day With My Dad At the Beach.” I think tomorrow I am going to go to the library to see if I can’t find a few Box Car Children books- thanks for the reminder!!

  5. I love the Boxcar children!!!!!

  6. How cozy! Sweet picture!

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