Frugal Living in a Tiny Town

A warm Finer Things welcome to Money Saving Mom visitors!  For all the rest of you, head on over to Crystal’s awesome money saving blog to check out my latest guest post:  Frugal Living in a Tiny Town.

**Note:  This is not my post office.  It sure is cute, though, and ours isn’t much bigger!


12 Responses

  1. Great guest post Amy! I love hearing about your life in Tiny Town. I was wistfully telling Eric about it the other day. He agreed that it sounds like a fantastic life.

  2. reading that post made me jump on over here to say hello.

  3. Gee Amy, you make me want to come and live in Tiny Town.:)

    Your little post office looks like something out of a period movie set. It’s just adorable! When Gilmore Girls was still on television, I used to tell my husband that I wanted to live in their fictional town of Stars Hollow.:)

    Thanks for sharing,

  4. I love your tiny town post!

    Two years ago we made a similar move, and I LOVE it! Priorities in our tiny town are much different then the big metropolis we used to live in. These priorities line up with our goals in life…we are loving our tiny town!

  5. It does sound lovely. I live in Toronto and I am pretty sick of the crowds and fast-paced lifestyle that it encourages. Even though we live right on the water, which is great, it takes forever to get out of this metropolis to find peace and quiet, which I really miss. I am contemplating moving to a much smaller town too.

  6. Where is this place? I grew up in SC and never heard of it! Great post!

  7. Great post, Amy! Wow, that post office is small. 😀 I used to live in S.C. WE got married in Sumter. 😀 My parents actually are moving to Aiken as my dad is a preacher there. They are trying to sell their house in N.C. presently.

  8. Loved the post on Money Saving Mom.

  9. I love it, Amy. 20 years ago I lived just 2 miles from that post office. We moved to (what we thought) was better schools for our 3 boys. We all miss the country living so much. Hopefully, now the boys are out of school we will move back.

    It was wonderfully seeing your post, I am so home sick for that style of life.

    You definitely made the right choice.

  10. Hi. I recognize Adam’s Run as a town on the way to Edisto Beach where we vacation. I guess there is more to that town than I see as I drive by. We live in Columbia, and I am from Charleston. Best wishes.

  11. Great post Amy! Perfect post for MSM!

  12. I think we may be sisters seperated at birth! We moved from metro Ohio to a very little city in VT two years ago. I love it!!! I can’t imagine living anywhere else! I live in the smallest city in the counrty (or maybe it’s second now.) It is an amazing life. We have only 1 car. I walk everywhere, rain or shine or snow. I think people think I’m crazy, but really life is good! It better than I ever though it could be. Good luck to you in your tiny town. If you ever want to visit “you sister” in a sister little city, let me know.

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