Quirky Randomness

I’ve been tagged!  Twice!  One tag (from Kate) is to name seven random things about me, and the other (from Kim) is to confess five of my quirks.  Quirks, huh?  Hmmm… according to my insightful husband, I do have a few of those.   

In the interest of time and a lack of creativity (I don’t know if I can come up with TWELVE things to share about me!) I’m combining the two tags.  Here goes…

  1. I absolutely must shave my legs in the bathtub.  At night.  No shower shaving for me. 
  2. Even when I’m driving only a few blocks in Tiny-Town (which only happens at night or in bad weather… we usually walk wherever we need to go) I always wear my seat belt.  Always
  3. Though I didn’t think a thing of it in high school (did I even think in high school?) and would feast on a candy bar and pop at any time, the mere thought of that combo now gives me a sugar headache.  I just can’t handle my sugar like I used to!
  4. I always fill my washing machine with clothes first.  Then I turn the water on and pour the soap into the water.  I’ve read and been told that this is wrong.  Wrong, wrong, wrong… something about diluting the soap first.  But I don’t think I would know how many clothes I can stick in the machine if the water is in there first.  Hmmm…
  5. I haven’t purchased beef from a store for 10 years.   My uncles raise it, and there is something comforting in knowing where my beef comes from.  Not to mention that we can eat t-bones for a little over $2 per pound… (I’ll share my most recent beef bundle pictures soon!)
  6. I love Mondays.  Wait!  Don’t go!  Let me explain.  😉  Because Lance is a three-sport high school coach, we are a ballgame goin’ family.  Also, because we live in Tiny Town (community activities) and we live within an hour of most of our family, weekends can tend to get busy.  On Monday, we have no ballgames.  I get to stay home and renew my promises to get a lot done during the week.  It’s a clean slate.  I love it!
  7. Each time I clean my kitchen, do dishes, etc. I work from right to left.  Even if the “right side” counter top is clean, I wipe it down first anyway.  That may be the only order in my life, but it’s mine!

Because I have some specific people in mind to tag with another tag I received (you’ll soon get to see my favorite kitchen features), I’m cheating and leaving this one up for grabs (since I already cheated and combined two tags anyway…)  Who wants something to write about today?  I’d love to learn more about you!

Gratituesday: My 100th Post!

According to my dashboard, this is my 100th blog post!  Wow — how did that happen?  And to think, I had virtually no idea that the blogging community even existed six months ago.  Crazy, I know.  This blogging thing?  I absolutely love it.  And this Gratituesday thing?  It is necessary.  In all circumstances.   

In honor of my 100th post, here’s what I’m grateful for tonight.

  • Inspiring blogs that gave me the push to begin my own addiction, well… yes, addiction.
  • Talented friends who got my blog up and running.
  • A place to collect and record my thoughts.
  • Incredible readers who have become sincere friends through our blogs.
  • A husband who encourages this outlet (and everything else I get myself into!)
  • Patient children who wait “one more minute” while I finish up a post or moderate comments.
  • Encouragement and accountability via thoughtful comments.
  • A community where I feel like the “invisible-to-society” things I do throughout the day as a wife and mother aren’t so menial!

So, there you have it.  My 100th post!  Anything you’d like to read about in the next 100?

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It’s Giveaway Time!

I love a good cookbook, and a good cookbook to me is a hometown church cookbook.  It doesn’t matter whose hometown it is… Who can resist the comfort food that so many real ladies are willing to share?  Real ingredients; real food.  I love it, and well… I have too many good cookbooks. 

In a continued effort to reduce my kitchen clutter, I’m participating in the fall Bloggy Giveaways by re-gifting one of my cookbooks from its crowded cabinet spot.  Need a good cookbook?  It could be yours!  Just leave a comment.  If you want to be entered twice, mention my giveaway on your blog (and be sure to tell me you did!) 

This particular book was compiled by the Methodist Church ladies of Nickerson, Kansas.  With recipe titles such as Rendezvous Coffee Cake, Fumi Salad, Shipwreck, and Ugly Duckling Cake, there’s certain to be something for everyone!


I’ll let random.org pick a winner on Friday after we return from our Trick-or-Treating rounds.  Be sure to check out the hundreds of awesome Bloggy Giveaways going on this week!

Oh, the Things They Say!

Each of the following statements is a future blog post all its own, but sometimes a Mama must take a minute to relish her kids’ creativity, imperfect speech, and their way with words.  Here’s what I’ve been hearing at my house:


“We a team, wight Mom?”

“Good job, Mom.  Good job!”

“Mommy, I wish you were an octopus.” 


“I help you ’cause you my big boy, wight Mom?”

“That MY job, Mom.”

(gasp!) “We fogot to pray!”

“Hey, Mom!  I pooped a big one.  Come see it or you’ll miss it!”

Oh, the things they say!  Definitely a Finer Thing.  I am grateful for every one!

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Frivolous Friday

My blogging friend Katestarted this “un-frugal Friday” post in honor of Crystal’s vacation from Frugal Friday.  Sounds like fun!  So, if I wasn’t Frugal Franny…

  1. If you had $100 that you had to spend on a luxury item, what would you spend it on? (I cannot believe this is so hard for me!  I seriously have been trying to come up with an answer since I read the question last night.  I think I even went to bed thinking about it!  How hard should it be to think of the frivolous spending of $100???  People do this every day!!!)  The best I can come up with is some non-mommy clothes.  Something pretty to go out on the town. *cough, cough* Like we ever do that…   
  2. If you had to eat out every day for a week, which restaurants would you go to?  Oh my word, Kate, you’re killing me.  I don’t think I can even name five restaurants!  But I do love Outback Steakhouse, and I’d go five days in a row if you’d let me.  And I’d order Alice Springs Chicken every time!  (I know, I know… I need to get out more!)  Well, now, wait a minute.  I love a good burger.  I hear Red Robin has some of the best.  And if I was really eating out that many days in a row… my body would be screaming for a fresh salad around day 3 or 4.  I’ve had good salads at Applebee’s… and maybe Olive Garden?  or was that Italian Garden?  I don’t know, that was about 10 years ago.
  3. What is one non-frugal thing you’ve done recently where you were glad you didn’t have a blog video recording you?  Not so recently, I guess, but for my sister’s wedding in July I bought a pair of $10 sandals for my 1 year old, knowing full well that she probably would scream if I put them on her feet.  She abhors shoes.  Come family photo time, which also happened to be nap time, she was already grumpy and I didn’t dare put the sandals on for fear of ruining the picture… bare feet seemed like a better idea than a screaming child.  Fast forward 3 months — the sandals are still sitting on my dresser in the box.  Never worn.  Never returned.  (You can see a picture of my family at the wedding on my True Riches page.)  OH, Oh wait!  My sister-in-law just had a baby girl last night!  Her first girl!  Surely she’ll need cute white sandals next summer, right?  I feel so much better now.  😉
  4. This question is mine.  Kate stopped at three.  If money were no object and you had to take a vacation (you poor thing) where would you go?  Alaskan cruise, hands down.  Lance and I will do that someday, mark my words!

Feel free to play along on your blog!  Let me know if you do and I’ll visit!

Grocery Shopping?

Take the kids! 

Huh?  Doesn’t that go against the very grain of all things sane?  But… but… I won’t get to cross check every one of my coupons with the sales flyer and manager’s specials!  And speaking of manager’s specials, I won’t have time to scour the aisles for those happy orange and yellow stickers! 

Work with me here.  Take the kids!  Preferably during naptime.  And best the morning after a rather sleepless night.  Oh, and load at least one of them into the van while he’s hungry.

The Pouting Before the Storm

Be sure that the only “fun” cart available is missing a steering wheel.  That way they can fight over the remaining wheel while you dart through the aisles frantically crossing off items on the we-have-to-have-this-right-now list.

See?  Faster shopping (in anticipation of the imminent volcanic eruption and complete meltdown) = less shopping = less money spent!

So… how was your day?  😉

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Get Movin’ With Your Monkeys

 Get Movin With Your Monkeys


Head on over to Happy to be at Home to read my Mommy Monday guest post, and to see why this ridiculous picture was intentionally taken…