It’s Giveaway Time!

I love a good cookbook, and a good cookbook to me is a hometown church cookbook.  It doesn’t matter whose hometown it is… Who can resist the comfort food that so many real ladies are willing to share?  Real ingredients; real food.  I love it, and well… I have too many good cookbooks. 

In a continued effort to reduce my kitchen clutter, I’m participating in the fall Bloggy Giveaways by re-gifting one of my cookbooks from its crowded cabinet spot.  Need a good cookbook?  It could be yours!  Just leave a comment.  If you want to be entered twice, mention my giveaway on your blog (and be sure to tell me you did!) 

This particular book was compiled by the Methodist Church ladies of Nickerson, Kansas.  With recipe titles such as Rendezvous Coffee Cake, Fumi Salad, Shipwreck, and Ugly Duckling Cake, there’s certain to be something for everyone!


I’ll let pick a winner on Friday after we return from our Trick-or-Treating rounds.  Be sure to check out the hundreds of awesome Bloggy Giveaways going on this week!

And the yeast goes to…

… Nida!  As soon as I get her mailing address, I’ll ship Nida one pound of yeast.  Warm up your oven, Nida!  Congratulations and Happy Baking!

Best Bulk Buy

Although I gave up my membership recently, I’ve enjoyed my fair share of years wandering the aisles of SAM’S club in search of great bulk deals (and yummy sample snacks along the way!)  I still have access to bulk buying — thanks to “friends in high places” — but with grocery store sales and coupons, I could almost give it up.  Almost.

There is one item that I will never, ever purchase except in bulk.  Yeast.

The above two pound package of vacuum-sealed yeast (yes, two pounds) cost $4.16.  For two pounds!


This little 4 oz. jar of yeast costs $3.92 at Wal Mart.  It would take eight of these jars to equal two pounds.  That’s $31.36 for the same thing I purchased for $4.16!  Oh, it gets better… (By the way, I use my bread machine all the time and never use “bread machine” yeast.  The regular stuff works fine for me.)




How about these cute expensive little strips of yeast?  A total of 3/4 OUNCES of yeast for $1.12.  Yikes!  To get two pounds I would have to spend $47.04!  I don’t think so!


Moral of the math:  If you do any baking at all… buy your yeast in bulk.  Don’t have a bulk store membership?  Find a friend who does!  Can’t use all that yeast before it expires?  (The stuff I bought last week expires in June of 2010.)  Share it with a friend or two!  You’ll all benefit.

Speaking of benefiting… I’m giving away one of my one-pound packages of vacuum-sealed yeast!  Want some?  Leave a comment telling me a little about your yeast baking experience or routine.  What do you bake?  How often do you bake it?  I’ll randomly draw a winner Sunday night September 28.

Good luck and happy baking!

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And the Winner is…

Emily!  She chose the Garden Party Paper Album Kit.  Congratulations, Emily, and thank you to all who visited and signed up.

My First Bloggy Giveaway!

It’s Bloggy Giveaway time, and I’m excited to join in the fun! I’m giving away a Creative Memories Paper Album Kit. These kits are easy and fun to put together for yourself or a loved one. Aren’t homemade gifts one of the finer things in life? CM Paper Album Kits even come with a mailing envelope — how FUN to receive something so special in the mail. And even MORE EXCITING to be the one who sent it!

To be entered in my giveaway:

  1. Go to my CM website and check out the Paper Album Kits.
  2. Leave a comment here telling me which one you’d like to win. Your choices are: Preppy Patterns, Purple Paisley, Bohemian, or Garden Party.
  3. If you want to be entered twice, write a short post about my giveaway on your blog. (And let me know about that post.)
  4. I’ll do a random drawing at 10:00 PM Central Time on Friday, August 1.
  5. Tell your friends! You don’t have to have a blog to participate. 😉

Check out the hundreds (no kidding!) of other giveaways at the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival. Have fun!

Win a 3 Moms Recipe Book

My new blogging friends over at Happy to be at Home (they’re the ones who helped me get set up!) are hosting an awesome recipe book giveaway this week.  Go check it out!