Get Movin’ With Your Monkeys

 Get Movin With Your Monkeys


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Early Detection

On August 11, I received a phone call.  The kind of phone call that leaves a person a little shook up the rest of the day.  Through the receiver I listened as a trained-compassionate voice told me the mole that I had removed from my forearm two weeks prior was a melanoma.

It’s not every day that someone calls you up to report that you have skin cancer.

Tonight I am rejoicing that after a second surgery to test the skin around the melanoma, I have been declared “clean.”  Clean is a wonderful thing!

I’ve written the details in previous posts, (you can read more about my experience here and here), but I want to emphasize a few things.

  • My cancerous mole was no bigger than a pencil eraser.
  • The PA that I saw at the dermatologist did not tell me that it needed to be removed — her advice was to “keep an eye on it” and get it checked every three months.
  • I had never been to a dermatologist before that appointment.
  • The mole was just flat out buggin’ me.  It was itchy and gave me the creeps.  (The PA said it was dry.)
  • I am so thankful that I acted on instinct and told them to get it off!

You have to be an advocate for your own health. No one knows your body better than you do.

Early detection is the best method for cancer treatment and survival.

Please take care of yourself.  It’s working for me!


So, remember this?  Turns out that pesky little mole (the one that I was told was probably fine and we should just keep an eye on it and get it checked out every three months) was a melanomaSkin cancerThe deadliest form of skin cancer

I just got the call this afternoon.  Funny… today is the day that I can take out my stitches.  Now they need to do another surgery to take more skin… just in case.  Know what?  They can have my skin… just make sure the cancer goes with it! 

In light of my very fresh news, here’s how God is so good and so faithful in my life. 

  1. Early detection.  We got to it before it got to me!
  2. God’s nudging.  That is the only explanation for me being at the dermatologist in the first place.  It was my very first visit.
  3. Excellent prognosis.  Seriously.  They are relatively certain that they got the cancer out.  The second surgery is to take some skin around the former mole and test it to make sure it is healthy. 
  4. No need to re-prioritize.  I’m already home loving on my kids every day.  Doing what I love.  Except now I have a new excuse to avoid the chores and play with the kids some more, snuggle up for nap time with my 3 year old, read a good book…  hehe.
  5. A prayer warrior posse of family and friends.  😉 
  6. A husband with red hair and fair skin… skin that was checked yearly as he was growing up because his mother dragged him to the dermatologist.  I’m thankful for her, too!

And allow me a moment on my brand new soapbox.  Go visit your dermatologist.  If you don’t have one, find one.  Now!  You just never know.  Really.  I’d love for you to report back about your healthy skin after your appointment.  Do it!

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