Quirky Randomness

I’ve been tagged!  Twice!  One tag (from Kate) is to name seven random things about me, and the other (from Kim) is to confess five of my quirks.  Quirks, huh?  Hmmm… according to my insightful husband, I do have a few of those.   

In the interest of time and a lack of creativity (I don’t know if I can come up with TWELVE things to share about me!) I’m combining the two tags.  Here goes…

  1. I absolutely must shave my legs in the bathtub.  At night.  No shower shaving for me. 
  2. Even when I’m driving only a few blocks in Tiny-Town (which only happens at night or in bad weather… we usually walk wherever we need to go) I always wear my seat belt.  Always
  3. Though I didn’t think a thing of it in high school (did I even think in high school?) and would feast on a candy bar and pop at any time, the mere thought of that combo now gives me a sugar headache.  I just can’t handle my sugar like I used to!
  4. I always fill my washing machine with clothes first.  Then I turn the water on and pour the soap into the water.  I’ve read and been told that this is wrong.  Wrong, wrong, wrong… something about diluting the soap first.  But I don’t think I would know how many clothes I can stick in the machine if the water is in there first.  Hmmm…
  5. I haven’t purchased beef from a store for 10 years.   My uncles raise it, and there is something comforting in knowing where my beef comes from.  Not to mention that we can eat t-bones for a little over $2 per pound… (I’ll share my most recent beef bundle pictures soon!)
  6. I love Mondays.  Wait!  Don’t go!  Let me explain.  😉  Because Lance is a three-sport high school coach, we are a ballgame goin’ family.  Also, because we live in Tiny Town (community activities) and we live within an hour of most of our family, weekends can tend to get busy.  On Monday, we have no ballgames.  I get to stay home and renew my promises to get a lot done during the week.  It’s a clean slate.  I love it!
  7. Each time I clean my kitchen, do dishes, etc. I work from right to left.  Even if the “right side” counter top is clean, I wipe it down first anyway.  That may be the only order in my life, but it’s mine!

Because I have some specific people in mind to tag with another tag I received (you’ll soon get to see my favorite kitchen features), I’m cheating and leaving this one up for grabs (since I already cheated and combined two tags anyway…)  Who wants something to write about today?  I’d love to learn more about you!

Mystery Solved

With the cool fall weather we are experiencing in the heart of Kansas, I am prompted to share that our Mulch Pit Mystery is solved!

We are growing tons of…

have you guessed yet?


No 500 pound State Fair winners in our pumpkin patch, but they are so very cute.  We’ll have lots of fun decorating for fall with our harvest and plenty to share, too! 

Once we knew what was growing, the light bulb went on.  We did toss the kids’ pumpkins into the mulch pit last winter when we put up Christmas decorations… 

Maybe I don’t have a black thumb after all.  Maybe it’s orange

Some Random Things About Me

Kate at A Simple Walk tagged me to share six random things about myself.  So… here ya go (I’m certain you’re on the edge of your seat.)

  1. My biggest regret is quitting piano lessons right before high school.  I really could play the piano, but my sassy teenage self thought there were better things to do at the time.  I so wish I could still play.
  2. My teaching certificate expires in two years, and I haven’t decided yet if I want to spend the time and money (taking classes) to get it renewed.
  3. My dad was my social studies teacher in junior high, and my basketball coach for a year in high school, AND my principal my senior year.  My mom was the school nurse.  I attended a K-12 school with around 260 total students.  I didn’t get away with anything!  Actually, I didn’t really try much of anything…
  4. My most embarrassing moment (well, the one off the top of my head anyway) was when I showed up as a guest at my college roommate’s outdoor wedding wearing the same springy floral dress that the bridesmaids were wearing!
  5. I’ve always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon.
  6. Generally God speaks pretty softly in my heart and I have to really try hard to figure out what He’s saying.  There were two times, though, that he was loud and clear:  when I met my husband, and when we made the move from suburban life to tiny-town life. 

Now it’s my turn to tag six bloggers.  I’m still really new to this blogging thing, and I don’t really know who to tag, so… I think I’ll just go with six people who have recently commented on my blog.

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Mulch Pit Mystery

If you knew me in real life and you heard me talk about my “green thumb,” you would laugh… hysterically.  I can’t even keep house plants alive, for goodness sake.  However, you can count me in for a good science experiment (I taught middle school science for several years.  That qualifies me… for something… right?), and that seems to be just what we have.

We have a mulch pit in our back yard.  It’s actually a 3 1/2 feet x 15 feet compost pit (it “came with the house”) but we’ve for some reason dubbed it the mulch pit, or if you’re my two-year old, the “pulch pich.”  Anyway, we dump grass clippings and food scraps and whatnot in there and our neighbors contribute coffee grounds and the ashes from their wood stove.  From what I’ve read, that should make the soil pretty rich (for this BIG garden that I’m planning for next year… with my green thumb).  Well, one day when I was out pulling weeds from our teeny-tiny garden (another experiment, sort of… Lance wanted to make sure I’d take care of a teeny-tiny garden before I tore up more of the yard… He has little faith in my green thumb) I noticed something growing in the mulch pit that did NOT look like a weed.  Since I’m a gardening authority, I should know, right?  So instead of turning over all the stuff in the mulch pit (regular maintenence) we decided to let it grow.  Fast forward one month.  This is what we have.

Definitely not a weed.

Definitely not a weed.

Our mystery plant has some serious buds, er, blooms?  Well, lots of little things are about to open inside all those leaves. 
We’ve been comparing the leaves and stalks to the cantelope, watermelon, zucchini, and squash that our neighbors grow, and nothing seems to match up exactly.  I’ve even googled up some pictures, and I’m still not convinced.  Yes, we threw out watermelon rinds and seeds and cantelope rinds and seeds.  I’m pretty sure we hadn’t discarded any zucchini ends before this mystery plant began to grow.  To someone with a REAL green thumb, maybe this bloom would provide a clue.
Mystery bloom.

Mystery bloom.

As for me and my green thumb?  I think we’ll just keep watering and waiting.  Maybe in a few weeks my family will be feasting on cantemelon, or waterhini, or cantelini.  Hmmm, now THAT would be an experiment!