Too Many Tiny Tomatoes?

I’m interrupting my Fill Your Freezer series (you can see the first two posts here and here) to ask a very important question.  What on earth am I going to do with dozens of these?

And hundreds more of these?  (They’ll be ripe soon!)

My generous neighbor has given me free reign over his prolific garden, which is awesome for me… but he has so many cherry tomatoes.  (I’m just guessing on the cherry tomato thing.  They are small, and they’re not grape tomatoes.)  This same neighbor also “secretly” planted two tomato plants in my garden to replace my dying ones… and they are really taking off!

I have done and have plans to do/make the following things:

  • top tacos, quesadillas, other Mexican food

The problem is that my idea list is much shorter than my tomato supply.  What else should I do?  I do NOT want to take the time to peel them and make sauces (I sure would if they were big!)  Can I freeze them?  I would really like to freeze them… I remember freezing salsa before, but I think I peeled the tomatoes first…  I can’t stand to see them go to waste.  I was already stepping lightly around grounded, squished tomatoes while picking some this evening.

Any help is much appreciated.  I sure wish I could share my tomatoes with all of you!

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