Don’t Miss the Moment

“I really don’t want to go out there, but I don’t want to miss the moment.”

So out he went, after a 12-hour day of teaching and coaching training, inspiring, and encouraging a spirited group of teenagers.

Out to join a previously solitaire game of football (we have an extremely talented 3 year old… he can play the quarterback and receiver and linebacker all at the same time).  A game played strategically?  coincidentally? just outside the window where daddy was taking a break after his busy day.

Out he went.

For that, I am a grateful wife and mommy.  My kids’ daddy knows what’s important.

I am also grateful that our 5 year old girly-girl, who often encourages her brother to dress in a tutu and practice ballet moves (I’ll spare you the picture), is tough enough to join right in.

And I’m so grateful that my camera batteries were charged and my memory card wasn’t too full of blog pictures *cough* to capture the fun.

They grow up too fast.  Don’t miss the moment.

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Football Frenzy

This is a long shot, but you just never know…

Any football fans out there?  Coaches?  Coaches wives?  Masters of motivation?  We need some help!

In lieu of asking all of you to solve my housekeeping woes… cleaning the grout in my kitchen floor tile, keeping mildew out of the caulking on my shower doors, etc. etc. (um, well, if I can cheat and ask more than one thing and you know how to solve my housekeeping woes I would so appreciate your help!) I am relinquishing this BACKWARDS edition of Works-For-Me Wednesday.

I hereby hand over the blogging reins to my football coachin’, tiny-town teachin’, over workin’, slightly stressin’ hubby.

Not really.  Not the reins.  (Back off; this is my domain.)  I’ll just ask for him.

Here’s the thing.  He’s been a football coach for 13 years.  The last 3 of those years he’s been the head football coach of our high school team, and we’re goin’ for some serious gridiron glory this season!  It’s time to replenish his stash of coaching tools.

He’s looking for motivational, inspiring stories.  Team-building activities.  Something to get his guys’ heads in the game.  Help them put their game face on.  Focus on the task at hand.  Activities, resources, links, whatever you’ve got that you’re willing to share.

Are you ready for some football?!?  Anyone?  Anyone?