Grocery Shopping?

Take the kids! 

Huh?  Doesn’t that go against the very grain of all things sane?  But… but… I won’t get to cross check every one of my coupons with the sales flyer and manager’s specials!  And speaking of manager’s specials, I won’t have time to scour the aisles for those happy orange and yellow stickers! 

Work with me here.  Take the kids!  Preferably during naptime.  And best the morning after a rather sleepless night.  Oh, and load at least one of them into the van while he’s hungry.

The Pouting Before the Storm

Be sure that the only “fun” cart available is missing a steering wheel.  That way they can fight over the remaining wheel while you dart through the aisles frantically crossing off items on the we-have-to-have-this-right-now list.

See?  Faster shopping (in anticipation of the imminent volcanic eruption and complete meltdown) = less shopping = less money spent!

So… how was your day?  😉

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Best Bulk Buy

Although I gave up my membership recently, I’ve enjoyed my fair share of years wandering the aisles of SAM’S club in search of great bulk deals (and yummy sample snacks along the way!)  I still have access to bulk buying — thanks to “friends in high places” — but with grocery store sales and coupons, I could almost give it up.  Almost.

There is one item that I will never, ever purchase except in bulk.  Yeast.

The above two pound package of vacuum-sealed yeast (yes, two pounds) cost $4.16.  For two pounds!


This little 4 oz. jar of yeast costs $3.92 at Wal Mart.  It would take eight of these jars to equal two pounds.  That’s $31.36 for the same thing I purchased for $4.16!  Oh, it gets better… (By the way, I use my bread machine all the time and never use “bread machine” yeast.  The regular stuff works fine for me.)




How about these cute expensive little strips of yeast?  A total of 3/4 OUNCES of yeast for $1.12.  Yikes!  To get two pounds I would have to spend $47.04!  I don’t think so!


Moral of the math:  If you do any baking at all… buy your yeast in bulk.  Don’t have a bulk store membership?  Find a friend who does!  Can’t use all that yeast before it expires?  (The stuff I bought last week expires in June of 2010.)  Share it with a friend or two!  You’ll all benefit.

Speaking of benefiting… I’m giving away one of my one-pound packages of vacuum-sealed yeast!  Want some?  Leave a comment telling me a little about your yeast baking experience or routine.  What do you bake?  How often do you bake it?  I’ll randomly draw a winner Sunday night September 28.

Good luck and happy baking!

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Slow Down!

This month my electric company was kind enough to give me more than a sour taste in my mouth from our latest bill.  On the back of the statement, they supplied free hints for saving money at the pump.  I had seen this information before, written in percentages, but when I saw the actual money lingo I took note. 

Observe the Speed Limit  Each 5 mph you drive over 60 mph becomes the equivalent of spending an extra 30 cents per gallon for gas.

Thirty cents per gallon.  For EACH 5 mph over 60!  (I tend to drive about 73 on the interstate.)  That is significant!  What could you save on a whole tank of gas?  When I did some brief research to confirm the statement (trying to decide if I really did need to slow down) I found similar information on  this govenrnment site…

While each vehicle reaches its optimal fuel economy at a different speed (or range of speeds), gas mileage usually decreases rapidly at speeds above 60 mph.

You can assume that each 5 mph you drive over 60 mph is like paying an additional $0.26 per gallon for gas.

Observing the speed limit is also safer.

So my two information sources are pretty much in agreement.  I’m going to give it a try.  Do we really save that much time driving 5 mph faster, anyway?  For an hour long trip… five minutes, maybe?  If I slow down I could save at least $1.00 in that hour, and more if we slow down on the interstate.  Hmmm… save $1.00+ or save 5 minutes?  I’m going to try to save some $$$ on our next trip. 

Anyone else want to slow down and enjoy the ride?  And the savings?

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Baby Wipes

I’m a pretty frugal person.  We’ve taken lots of steps to live happily on less so that I can be home raising our children.  We don’t do cable.  We rarely eat out.  We don’t have any debt aside from our mortgage.  We utilize our library and fresh free produce and Manager’s Specials.  I’ve even stalked the local grocery stocker and asked for a discountSo why, I ask you, had I never thought to make my own baby wipes?

Even though I’d seen the baby wipes idea on a few other blogs, it took several reads to turn the lightbulb on.  Finally, after reading Joy’s suggestion, I gave it a try.

I won’t go into how to make them; Joy does a nice job of that.  But I will tell you what they cost (for me).

Here’s the breakdown.

1 roll = 88 sheets x 2 (because I cut the roll in 1/2) = 176 sheets

Official "wipes tearer"

176 sheets = 80 cents (withOUT a coupon because my 5 year old daughter, who was in charge of holding coupons, somehow couldn’t think what she did with the coupons at checkout time… never mind that I had THREE MORE of the SAME COUPON with me in my organizer… didn’t even think of that, grrrr)

1 T. baby oil and 1 T. baby shampoo = didn’t take the time to figure it, but it has to be PENNIES, right???

176 wipes fill TWO + (but not quite three) of my store-bought wipes tubs.

So one full tub of wipes cost me maybe 43 cents, without the darn coupon!  Pretty good deal for those of us unfortunate enough to live more than four hours from the nearest CVS, huh?

Thanks, JoyWhy didn’t I try that sooner?

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*** Update:  I should have let you know that I’ve already tried them out on many a varied 😉 messy situation, and they work wonderfully.  They smell great, too.  Like giving baby a bath with each new diaper!

Frugal Fruit Fly Feast

Mission accomplished!  I’ve been blog hoppin’ for the last few days trying to find answers to my fruit fly fiasco (because blog hoppin’ is much easier, a more productive use of my time, more fun than googling!) and thanks to the WFMW plea from $5 Dinners, I think I finally found it!

Apple Cider Vinegar + Dish Soap = Frugal Fruit Fly Feast

Frugal Fruit Fly Feast = Dead Fruit Flies

There you have it.  No specific measurements… just pour some vinegar and squirt some soap.  Instant deadly attraction.

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