Face Time with Memory

When our first-born was a baby, Lance and I would sometimes talk about how much fun it will be someday when she was ready to play board games. We’d reminisce about the games of our own childhoods: Trouble, Monopoly, Life, The Farm Game, etc.

“Someday” has definitely arrived! We do have a challenge on our hands, though, because the skill levels of our 5 year old, just now 3, and 1 year old are vastly different. One game that we love that we can all enjoy at the same time is Memory.

The game is labeled for ages 3 to 6, but we think it’s fun for all ages… with a few adaptations.

  • To accommodate young attention spans, we don’t play with all 36 pairs (good thing, since I doubt all 72 cards are ever in the box at the same time!)
  • Our kids (the older two) each look for 5-10 pairs to play with, then we arrange those face down.
  • The one year old can be temporarily entertained by the remaining cards.
  • We arrange the cards in rows in a rectangle, rather than scattered randomly. That seems to help us (and I do mean us) keep track of matches better.

  • When we’re playing with just the 5 year old, we add more cards.
  • Our three year old enjoys his own “solitaire” version: he scatters the cards face up and finds the pairs… an important preschool skill. “Look, mom! It matches!” (I don’t homeschool, but if I did I’d keep this game handy for him while I worked with my school girl! Except… maybe I wouldn’t have him use his sister’s Disney Princess version) 😉

Memory has proven to be a versatile, fun game for our whole family. Check out Happy to be at Home for more Face Time ideas!